Hip Carry

Hip Carry - Once they are sitting up


  1. For this position you will want the toggles on your back.
  2. Place the Sling so that the pocket is on your babes back(if wearing babe on the right hip).
  3. Hold babe against your right shoulder and, with your other hand, pull both sides of the Sling away from your body.
  4. Slide babe down between you and the Sling, feet first, of course.
  5. Spread the Sling out so that the inside edge is right under babe’s knees and the outside edge is all the way up babe’s back to under their arms. It is very important to make sure the inside of Sling is all the way under babe’s bum, to the back of your babe’s knees, and the outside is up your babe's back to under their arms.
  6. Slide babe up onto your hip and let the Sling do the work.