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Check out our product at Mothering Touch located down town Victoria!!

The Mothering Touch Centre


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A Stitch of Mine - Hand made and originally designed crochet animals, purses and more.  She can create just about anything you want and does it for an amazingly reasonable price.  For original gifts and accessories this website is a must see!!

Eco Bumz - The creators of unique and cost effective Earth Friendly diaper solutions based out of Calgary,AB.  These are not your mother's cloth diapers!  Buy them once, use them often, pass them on.  A great alternative for diapering your baby!


Victoria Yoga - Victoria yoga is one of Victoria's leading yoga Yoga Teacher Trainingresource sites.  They offer a whole line of Yoga Products, classes, retreats, training and more.  These instructors are amazing and experienced in many different areas.  I have trained with them and own many of their high quality 'yoga yogi' products.  I know you'll love what they have to offer!!


 Teaching Drum Outdoor School - "Where Wilderness is the classroom, Ancient Voices are the Teachers, knowing Self and Balance are the quests."

This is a school and community that helps people learn Native Lifeway skills and guides them on how to live in a balanced environment.  Alot of our inspiration came from our brother/son who has actively partaken in both the year long program and living and teaching in the community there. This is a great resource for a wide range a people! - a great resource page for all moms, mom-preneures, and caregives alike. Also check out : - They are a division of the West Coast Moms Network.  Everything you need to know about wearing your baby!!

Dress Me Up - gear for little ones on the go.  This is a great site for all parents of little ones, if your looking for original, organic, unique  and handmade gifts for any little one in your life this site is what you've been looking for.

Tiny Giggles - Eco freindly, natural products for Children.  All sort of great stuff like Glass bottles, rubber nipples and soothers, warm buddies, awesome shirts and onsies( I am totally in love with the 'mama milk' one) and so much more.  This is a great site to get all sorts of great supplies and accessories for any baby in your life!!


Fire Maker Gathering!-  I just got back from my first experience with fire maker and how can I not share this!  It is an amazing gathering of people from infancy through elderhood and there is such an amazing sence of comunity, childrens culture and knowledge to be shared.  If you are local(or not) and you think that this would interest you I highly recommend participating in the years to come.  This is so much of what we have been missing in our society.