All of the Covers are put on in the same way as the Basic Sling:

  1. Place your arm inside Cover,
  2. then pull the Cover over your head, and
  3. around babe’s head/arm(s).
  4. Finally pull the bottom of the cover down and around babe’s back/bum.

They are designed to protect babe from all the elements in a natural way without you ever having to take babe out of the Basic Sling.  The Covers are designed in a very deep semi-circular shape so that they tuck up under babe, keeping them completely protected and allowing you to throw on a jacket or sweater without having to worry about getting overheated or having any excess material across your shoulders or back!

What Covers are Available?

1. 'Slingin' in the Sun' - UV Protection

Throw on the UV Cover and take babe to the beach. Play around with all your kids while keeping babe on you and sun-safe. This cover is made out of 'Solar Veil Fabric', a light weight, breathable, water-safe fabric that blocks out up to 95% of both the UVA and UVB rays.

2. 'Slingin’ in the Cold’ - Fleece Cover

The Fleece Cover is great for cooler days or even as an added ‘blanket’ while babe is napping.

3. ‘Slingin’ in the Rain’ - Rain Cover

This Cover is made from a lightweight outdoor fabric that is water repellant and will help protect babe from rain and wind. You can even layer the Rain Cover over the Fleece Cover on a cold, wet day!  This will keep babe warm, dry and protected from the wind.

 Safety Note:

Covers are always to be used with the Basic Sling.  They are not designed to hold babe’s weight.  Their sole purpose is for protection and comfort.